175 Billion U.S. Dollars

The week after the South Korean government is planning to soon release the “all lithium secondary battery has to go through safety screening authorities in South Korea security checks” and related legal guidelines and rules. On this regard, Japanese diplomats said that “whether to postpone implementation of related systems, hopes to Japan’s home certification our bodies to present certification authority”

5 days, 22 days, Japan’s “Yomiuri Shimbun” quoted the Japanese government stakeholders as saying: “South Korea’s customary specs for the strengthening of lithium batteries is not going to be useful to Japanese companies. The Japanese government is contemplating the World Trade Organization (WTO) proposed by the complaint. “

Subsequently, the South Korean authorities immediately come ahead to defend. Related to a South Korean Ministry of information Economy mentioned: “South Korea’s policy to be carried out as early as final October, together with Japan, the WTO member international locations must read, nor does it raised different objections. This often is the recent market in Japan market share JVC BN-V114 battery decreased considerably, it has grow to be notably delicate to it, in order that in the ‘met with mosquitoes on the Ba Jian’ too huge deal of. “

23, the Japanese government informed the South Korean authorities said, “Although we cannot prosecute to the WTO, however shall be held in 25 of the WTO Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee to discuss the problem.”

◆ South Korea and Japan account for 96% of the world market

As a new generation of economic development, secondary battery market, battle clouds hanging over. Particularly, secondary battery market accounted for lithium battery pack the bulk of the lithium-ion batteries, due to South Korea and Japan in the world market share of up to 96%, JVC GR-DX48 battery a really intense competition among the many three nations. During this period, accounting for half of the world market, Japan, lithium battery pack South Korea and China has been fierce assault from each sides.

Secondary battery, in keeping with market analysis firm predicted IIT, 2017, lithium-ion battery market to grow from 9.5 billion U.S. dollars last yr to broaden to 175 billion U.S. dollars. Currently 70% of the lithium-ion batteries used in cellphones and notebook computer systems, however with the hybrid (electric petrol hybrid cars environmentally pleasant and environment friendly approach), and the recognition of electric automobiles, the market is expected to develop quickly.

To this point, lithium-ion battery market has been dominated by Japan. Japan’s Sony Corporation in 1991, after the first production of lithium batteries, Sanyo, Sony and Hitachi Macell merchandise from companies akin to the global market accounted for more than six into. However, the value dropped to 5 as final 12 months after it fell into the 4.

Samsung SDI in the latest three years, manufacturing increased nearly three-fold, and last 12 months Lectra Sony, get on the world’s number two lithium-ion battery JVC GR-DX35K battery market. LG Chemical shipments over the same interval has elevated 3 times, starting in June this year, Wu-chang industrial park in the brand new electric automobile battery manufacturing facility. As well as, LG Chemical will even be called the U.S. auto business in Detroit, Michigan-based building of electric vehicle battery manufacturing facility.

China second only to Japan and South Korea on this planet, ranked third on the secondary battery market, although the expertise is barely behind but with a low value, very strong development momentum. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to acquire more facts with regards to lithium battery pack (www.mixcloud.com) kindly go to our internet site. Chinese-made lithium-ion battery sales price is just about half of Korean merchandise.

As well as, if the impression of financial crisis within the aftermath of the more and more severe pattern of trade protectionism, the Chinese government, including rechargeable batteries, together with more stringent restrictions on foreign merchandise, then the market share of China’s enterprises most likely proceed to rise.

◆ raw supplies for self-development and safety improvement of imminent

The specialists pointed out that though South Korea since 2000 JVC GR-DX37 battery with assist from the focus of funding in lithium-ion battery production within the second highest on the earth, however the localization of raw supplies, enhance security, development and production applied sciences such as localization, and many others. should be strengthened.

In reality, the South Korean-made lithium-ion batteries needed for four major supplies (anode supplies, cathode supplies, electrolytes and membranes) are nearly all dependent on imported from Japan. Therefore, the South Korean-made lithium-ion battery costlier than Japanese items more than 30% of your (IIT2008 annual report). South Korea’s first improvement and manufacturing of cell membranes of the W-Scope Company representatives CUI Yuan-root (tone): “The battery of the overall cost of uncooked materials prices 5 to six as above, it is very important uncooked materials,JVC GR-DX45 battery uncooked materials for home production is imminent.”

LG Economic Research Institute researcher Kim Kyung-Ran (voice) said: “With the more and more wide selection of battery applications, security, the danger by way of capacity increases with the rise, so that the areas of expertise analysis and improvement is crucial. In the face of the enlargement of commerce protectionism, ought to develop a strategy to spread their production facilities to China and the United States and other battery-consuming country.

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