Accuracy Evaluation Of Software Program For The Estimation And Planning Of Photovoltaic Installations

Table 1 shows the specifications of each of the 90 SILCIO SE220 photovoltaic panels used by the PV park, which have a total surface of 150 m2. Steel mounts are getting used, inserting the panels at a tilt angle of 30° and going through the true south. The installed power of the PV park is 19.Eight kW, directly connected to the low voltage (230 V AC) distribution grid. For the technique of connecting to the grid, three SMA Sunny Mini Central 7000 TL have been used, every with a maximum energy output of 7 kW and an effectivity of 97.7 % at most output. Two strings of 15 panels every have been linked per inverter, resulting in an inverter configuration oversized by about 6 %.

Gorlice, Poland : europe

Do you know that when you decrease your thermostat by 1 degree for 8 hours, you would scale back your general heating invoice by 1%? Much more curiously, in the event you lower your thermostat by 3 levels while you are out of the house you could cut back your power bill by 10% for the entire 12 months. Some folks might save over $130 a year by doing this.

Buying energy-environment friendly machines will assist you to a given extent. Nonetheless, figuring out how to make use of them can also be essential. As an example, many people use their washers inefficiently. For example, how typically do you wash laundry with hot water? Did you know that 90% of the electricity used laundry is for heating the water in it? Which means you may cut back your electricity bill considerably if you utilize chilly water as a substitute of scorching. Remember, chilly water will obtain the desired outcomes typically. Sizzling water is just helpful when you are trying to scrub heavily soiled clothes. Another method of decreasing your electric bill is by reducing the laundry loads that you just do in a month. Avoid turning on the washer every time you have got a dirty cloth or a number of of them. Instead, solely use it when you have got a full load. Doing so means that you’ll use the identical amount of electricity to clean a higher number of clothes. Consequently, you is not going to activate the washer as many instances as you did earlier than, and that’s how you’ll lower your electric invoice.

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