Australian jockey details Kerry Packer's $20m payday at Derby Day

A former top jockey has revealed how Kerry Packer made millions at the races after his cheeky sledge convinced the media mogul to bet big on his ‘unbeatable’ horse. 

Champion rider Greg Hall revealed this week the late billionaire added $20million to his fortune after their trackside chat during Derby Day at Flemington back in 1993. 

Hall was on board Victorian stayer Mahogany as he made his way to the mounting yard when Packer approached.   

‘I’m standing [next to] this bloke who’s worth $12 billion, and I’ve got $12,’ Hall told That’s Racing on Tuesday night. 

‘He used to call me boy or son, and he said “What do you think boy? Do you think this so and so can win?”

A former top jockey has revealed how Kerry Packer (pictured at Derby Day in 2001) made millions at the races after his cheeky sledge convinced the media mogul to bet big on his ‘unbeatable’ horse

‘And I said “How much have you had on it”?He said, “What do you mean son? How much have I had on it”, and I said “Well, how much have you had on”? And he said “I’ve had $1.6 million on it”!

‘It’s not normal for a four-foot jockey to be asking a bloke who’s eight-foot to be asking how much you’ve had on it. 

‘I said “What, did you drop your handbag? Go and have a decent bet, this will win by a minute”, and 헤븐카지노 he tapped [part owner] Lloyd Williams and said “I like that kid,” so he went and had another $3 million on it.’ 

Hall’s confidence was justified when Mahogany bolted to the front at the 400-metre mark and won by seven lengths. 

Walking away with $20million in winnings, Packer later named the ‘Mahogany Room’ at Melbourne’s Crown Casino in honour of the horse. 

Former jockey Greg Hall (pictured) recalled Packer’s $20million payday at the races

Packer was known for his love of the punt.   

In 2005, his magazine The Bulletin once put up $1.25million for the capture of a ‘live, 헤븐카지노 uninjured’ Tasmanian tiger to prove the fabled animal still exists. 

However first the big-time gambler had to know the odds of someone claiming the prize before he risked footing the bill. 

Bulletin editor Garry Linnell, explained to Packer the conditions of claiming the reward were so onerous it was next to impossible for anyone to score the prize money. 

The late Packer (pictured) named the ‘Mahogany Room’ at Crown Casino in honour of the racehorse’s victory

A successful applicant would have to capture a Tasmanian tiger without breaking any Australian or state laws and deliver it unharmed to The Bulletin’s office in Park Street, 뉴헤븐카지노주소 Sydney.

‘I said, “We’ve spoken to the experts – it’s a billion-to-one that there’s a Tassie tiger alive – and even if there is, think about this, they have to give it to us,’ Mr Linell said.

‘He was a betting man so he always liked those sort of odds.

‘He grunted and then he smiled and said, “I like the sound of that.Go and do it. Off you go.” And off we went.’ 

Packer placed a high-stakes bet on his racehorse Mahogany which was ridden by jockey Greg Hall (pictured riding Enzeli in 2000) at Derby Day in 1993

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