Canning Granny: February 2021

Through the recent natural medication workshop I attended, the first herb the instructor discussed was Bee Balm. Monarda Didyma (crimson flowering) and Monarda Fistulosa (lavender flowering) bee balm, or wild bergamot, she said, is an invaluable addition to a medicinal herb backyard. She started her discuss holding her single sheet of typed notes at arm’s size, she had forgotten her reading glasses… a member of the category loaned her a pair and she laughingly remarked, “Oh, I DID write this in English!”

Bee balm is superb for treating systemic candida (yeast infections, thrush, impetigo, mouth ulcers, sore throat, diaper rash) and is also good for quickly treating burns (by adding saliva and utilizing as a compress on the burned area).

Lavender flowering bee balm (Monarda Fistulosa)

To make a tincture of bee balm, she really useful using the top third of the plant and to tincture it in brandy somewhat than vodka or saponin extract cost EverClear… why? as a result of bee balm does not want a large share of alcohol to obtain the medicinal tincture (although if all you’ve gotten is vodka, it’s perfectly acceptable to make use of), the top product is better tasting utilizing brandy.

In natural terminology “tincturing” is the method of constructing an herbal extract by steeping floor herb in a liquid “menstruum” (the “solvent” or “liquid” portion of a tincture, normally alcohol)… often at a 1:5 ratio (one part dried herb to 5 components menstruum, fresh herb tinctures are extra difficult due to the differing quantities of water in different herbs)… a fantastic e book with “recipes” for herbal tinctures is Making Plant Medicine by Richo Cech.

When you get the ground herb combined with the menstruum (a canning jar is ideal for mixing tinctures) you merely set it in a cool, dark place and give it a shake once a day for several weeks, strain it out and decant into amber glass bottles, preferably with a dropper lid on prime.

Robin McGee (herbalist instructor) recommended (with a huge grin on her face and Flavone extract cheap a mischievous twinkle in her eyes) shaking the mixture every day and singing to it… she calls it PFM… (Pure Freakin’ Magic)

For making salves for topical use, the herb is steeped in a great quality oil (olive is nice) for several weeks, then beeswax is added to thicken.

Red flowering bee balm (Monarda Didyma)

Bee balm also has the added advantage of attracting bees to your garden, helping with pollination… and everyone knows that good pollination makes for larger, higher, more ample crops!

Bee balm, in fact, makes me consider bees… which takes me down one other branch of my memory lanes…

When I was growing up, I used to be the oldest grandchild on my Mama’s side (Mama was the oldest youngster in her household)… so I had the enviable job of watching out for all the little cousins who descended on our residence within the summer season when Mama and the aunts acquired collectively to can, cook, paint rooms, or simply visit. My two brothers and that i have been older than the little cousins by a number of years (we taught the little ones issues, like how you can ride a bike, we pushed them on the large tire swing, helped them catch crawdads in the creek or lightning bugs at dusk, watched out for them, teased them)… there was always a group of toddlers round and we seemed to have cornered the market on women… one little boy cousin (my cousin Brad) amongst that gaggle of little girls… they spent their time playing within the yard, riding Big Wheels, tricycles, bikes with training wheels… running, leaping, climbing… all people dressed in shorts and sleeveless tops, Nobody sporting shoes… it was a cheerful, barefoot world… and there was always the possibility Somebody would step on a honeybee and the tears would start… the one stung would cry, then among the others would start in sympathy for the injured toddler…

The “drugs” readily available for bee stings? Well, if chewing tobacco was to be had, a big wad of wet tobacco can be utilized to take the sting away…

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