JOSH KING MADRID reveals… Easy methods to think like the rich and famous while still dwelling a life full of bliss

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Books have the ability to transform lives. Whether or not they act as emotional assist or as pockets of knowledge, books have always made a difference in the world. However not every book is tailored to all readers. Some seek readers with a sure goal, and such is the case forJetSet Life Hacks: 33 Life Hacks Millionaires, Athletes, Celebrities, & Geniuses Have In Common. With its pages filled with neuro-linguistic programming-backed and proven knowledge, the book aims to change lives and hone the subsequent generation of millionaires.

JetSet Life Hacks is the brainchild of 24-yr-old internet American internet celebrity, author, entrepreneur, podcast host, recording artist, filmmaker and public speaker, neuromarketer, NLP coach, and founder, Josh King Madrid, higher known by his pseudonym, JetSet. After successfully building an empire of his own, selling over $20 million worth of products on-line, and being recognized by among the most prominent publications in the world, reminiscent of Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Firm, and Rolling Stone, JetSet made it his mission to reveal some of the greatest-kept secrets by industry leaders like himself who he has been lucky to make connections with.

The book shares 33 proven strategies, referred to by JetSet as life hacks, that individuals can implement or incorporate into their existence to persistently create tangible, positive results. The life hacks also intention to equip and empower readers to beat all challenges, build lasting generational wealth, and improve the overall quality of their lives. While many books and resources declare to show audiences about shaping their mindset to be their best selves and reach the head of their chosen niche, JetSet Life Hacks offers advice proven and lived by individuals who have already walked the talk. Every life hack listed by the writer is backed by expertise and rooted in behavioral attributes that propelled him to achieve so much at such a young age.

Asked where his story started, JetSet shared that he engaged in enterprise when he was only in second grade when his father lent him $15 as capital to buy beanies from China at wholesale costs and sell them to the kids in his school and their community so he might pay back his loan and use the profit to purchase anything he wanted. This not only taught him to be impartial but opened his eyes to the various possibilities entrepreneurship brings, and he has been hooked ever since.

“I went to school and after-school winter camp with the other kids, and I sold all of the beanies for $5. I was instantly hooked. I have liked the game of entrepreneurship since that day. This one expertise made me realize that I was able to get anything I wanted. I just wanted to seek out out the proper information and have an insane drive and work ethic,” the writer said.

With JetSet Life Hacks, the visionary aims to provide the knowledge and information he wished he had when he was within the early years of his journey as an entrepreneur. Nonetheless, he hopes his life lessons and life hacks will function a blueprint for others. As he continues to cement his empire, one which will certainly be remembered via generations, the writer goals to encourage thousands, if not millions, by means of JetSet Life Hacks and empower others with proven methods that fueled him and led him to success over the years.

When did Josh King Madrid turn out to be a millionaire?

Josh King Madrid, higher known as JetSet is an American internet celebrity, writer, entrepreneur, podcast host, recording artist, filmmaker, and public speaker. In 2016, JetSet dropped out of college to pursue business and within 1 year he made his first million dollars at only age 19. Since then JetSet has generated hundreds of hundreds of leads and has sold over 20 million dollars in products and companies on-line, with $10 million of that being within the NFT house in 2021-2022. Madrid can also be the host of The Dropout Degree Show, has been ranked as a Top 10 Enterprise Podcast for more than 2 consecutive years (2017-2019), and has over 1M+ downloads.

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