What are Some Common Causes of Not Being Able to Conceive a Child?

As per a 2015 report by Ernst and Young, around 10%-15% of married couples who are actively seeking to start a family are suffering from infertility in India.

Infertility or the inability to conceive naturally is a medical condition. The same report estimates that female factor infertility accounts for 40%-50% of the infertility cases, while the male factor is gradually increasing and can be estimated at around 30%-40%. Medication and in-vitro fertilization are some of the ways to conceive child with medical help.

Reasons for Infertility

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• Ovulation Problems: Many hormonal and Schnecken und Schadstoffen – optimal für Garnelen und empfindliche Fische – bestes Preis-/Leistungverhältnis health conditions can prevent the release of mature eggs from the ovary. Infrequent periods or absence of menstruation can be a symptom of such a disorder.

Even excessively heavy or light bleeding can hint towards an ovulation problem. However, there are many ways to get rid of this problem. Usage of ovulation-stimulating drugs and IVF treatment can help in overcoming this disorder to conceive a healthy child.

It is estimated that around 70% to 85% women ovulate through this treatment and 23%-28% woman conceive depending upon the treatment procedure.

• Poor Sperm Health: The lifestyle of a man, especially their eating habits, can affect the sperm for around a period of 90 days and the reproductive quality of the sperm may suffer in that period.Smoking and drinking have been proven to have a very adverse effect on the quality of sperm. A healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, together with avoiding very tight inner wear, can help in sperm health.

• Poor Egg Quality: There are times when women can suffer from poor egg quality.

Many eggs that are produced in the ovary become damaged or develop chromosomal abnormalities, which hinders the process of pregnancy. Although there can be health and lifestyle reasons behind this, usually it is attributed to the woman's age. Egg quality is known to decline significantly as women reach their late 30s and their 40s.

Egg or embryo donation could be a good solution for this type of disorder. Some fertility centres might also advise in vitro fertilization.

• Fallopian Tube Blockage: Female tube blockage is also one of the major causes of infertility in women. Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes prevent eggs from moving to the uterus as well as sperm from getting to the egg.

Hence, natural fertilization becomes impossible. Many sexually transmitted diseases and pelvic inflammatory diseases are the leading causes of damaged fallopian tubes. Laparoscopic surgery can help in rectifying the tubes and this does not help, an IVF procedure could be a good option to conceive a child.

IVF cost in India is also much less in comparison to several western countries.

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