What Can Augmented Reality (AR) be Used For?

According to Forbes, it is estimated that by 2022 Augmented Reality (AR) will turn into a popular development in Indonesia, this is introduced because 5G technology is getting stronger and there are open opportunities for artistic industries within the technology sector to fight for a good market share.

Ever heard of Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR). Of course, what comes to our mind is advanced technology. However, with sophisticated technology, it can actually be maximized for commensurate makes use of and might be very profitable for its users. Right here, Sagara Technology wants to explain what Augmented Reality is and its uses.

What is augmented reality?

Usually, augmented reality (AR) is a technology that mixes video, textual content, and images that manipulate reality to display visuals that seem to be real by the user’s screen capture. It’s utilized by several industries, its usefulness can really assist the industry. The next are industries which have taken advantage of augmented reality (AR).


AR presents quite a lot of opportunities to extend effectivity and price financial savings throughout many areas of business logistics. This includes transportation, warehousing, and route optimization. Shipping firm DHL has already implemented smart AR glasses in a few of its warehouses, where lenses display to workers the shortest route within a warehouse to locate and pick a sure item that must be shipped. Providing workers with more efficient ways to go about their job is without doubt one of the best ROI use cases in right this moment’s business environment.


AR can make digital images and critical information available to surgeons in 3D and within their discipline of view. Surgeons won’t have to look away from the surgical field to be able to access essential information they could require to perform a profitable procedure. to help digital surgery, 3D medical imaging, and specific surgical procedures


Augmented Reality (AR) Presents 3D visuals for building because in this work an architect or civil servant must be able to estimate the construction capabilities they’re carrying out. This may also be used as brainstorming for projects that will be worked on later. AR technology may also be a reality and may support the continued maintenance of buildings and products. Service manuals with interactive 3D animations and other directions can be displayed in a physical environment by way of augmented reality technology.


Directions from Augmented Reality (AR) are often very simple to carry out because we are able to visualize ourselves and the process can be faster and more exact than traditional methods. Because of their schooling, they’ve improved lots such as Contact Lenses, Headsets, or different media. Possibly sooner or later, it will be even crazier for the realm of education.

Games and Entertainment

In 2017 we were shocked by the Pokemon GO game. This game was very popular that 12 months but did you know the game concept is Augmented Reality (AR)? With this idea, the person builds a deeper bond with the model because the user will be more curious to get what he desires by seeing it virtual. Lately, Harry Potter additionally launched the same game, they build characters which might be similar to the characters within the authentic film. By doing so, users can get a real experience.


It’s undeniable that technological sophistication can have an impact on the tourism sector. In the use of Augmented Reality (AR) customers can get a more immersive experience. Users can get the information they need and be more factual. In the course of the pandemic, some companies also conduct Virtual Tourism Tours, where they can go on trip only by utilizing internet access and different virtual equipment. The presence of this technology significantly increases the traffic of people that desire a trip however don’t have the time.

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