What Is Product Design and Why It Issues

What’s product design?

Product design is the process of developing a usable product that meets buyer’s wants by defining the customers’ problems and discovering inventive solutions for these problems. The term can also be used to check with the result of this process, the design qualities of an existing product. Product design is predicated on design thinking, an approach for solving problems in a artistic way.

We can define the next 3 characteristics to describe product design:

Product design is a posh process that includes a variety of tasks, ranging from research to prototyping and testing.

Product design is human-centered (as all the good things are), but entails more consideration of the wants of the enterprise and market situation.

Product design is rarely-ending (or almost so). You cannot say it is a clearly defined set of steps. Everybody follows the structure they consider the most suitable and environment friendly, but the process could embody an unexpected number of iterations which might be essential for understanding the problem and discovering the perfect answer to it.

Now, let’s dive into particulars and start with the core processes that lie on the heart of product design.

Main processes in product design

Product designers take care of the project during its complete product lifeсycle: from initial research to concept creation to prototyping and usability testing.

In this part, we will briefly explain a set of ideas that form the muse of modern product design.

Product discovery

When it comes to making product selections, we always have doubts whether our answer will succeed or fail. Product discovery lowers the risks associated with the feasibility of our ideas.

In a nutshell, product discovery is a process to fine-tune your ideas by learning what your customers’ true wants and problems are and then deciding on the perfect strategy to resolve them.

The goal of product discovery is to quickly define whether or not the concept is good or bad and answer the following questions:

1. Will clients be willing to purchase the product?

2. Will the product be easy to use for our customers?

3. Will engineers be able to implement our ideas?

4. Will stakeholders support our concepts?

With a view to answer these questions, it’s a must to carefully study the market and potential users. Listed here are some design methods that assist us in the course of the product design process.

Person interviews

A user interview is a quick and easy way to understand how users really feel, what they think, and what they believe to create a design that satisfies their needs. It permits to seek out out the shoppers’ problems and pains as well as come up with effective options to these problems.

Buyer journey map

One way to visualize the ideas the workforce developed while brainstorming is to create a customer journey map.

The client journey map displays the points between the client and the product that needs to be designed. The map additionally helps to understand what emotions prospects expertise, and what difficulties may arise throughout the customer journey.

Customer journey maps outline clients’ steps and describe their ideas and feelings.

Person flow

While the shopper journey map goals on the user experience design of the entire process, user flow focuses on the process of using the product.

Person flows are diagrams that project the doable paths the person goes by means of when using the product until they achieve a certain goal.

UX design

Any technique by way of which shoppers recognize the worth delivered by your product is referred to as consumer expertise (UX). It covers all buyer interactions and contact points with your company and product. When talking about modern products UX usually involves varied interfaces as well as varied consumer contact points (marketing campaigns, sales process, buyer assist, and so forth).

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